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Publishing Distribution

books300Publishing Distribution
Fraser Direct is an expert in distributing books, catalogues and literature. With over 60 publishers on our client list, we ship thousands of orders monthly and we process over a million units of book returns annually. Our publishing clients come from all over the world and we provide one stop shopping to help them get their books into the Canadian marketplace. We ship to schools, libraries, all retailers and direct to consumers (household addresses).

We have three distribution models to choose from and publishers can pick and choose the services they need. Since we are International freight consultants and licensed customs brokers, we arrange the freight to our warehouse and clear the goods through customs. In addition to turning orders around quickly, our domestic freight management expertise enables our publishers to save significant freight costs on their Canadian shipments.

Full Service Distribution
Inventory owned by the publisher is kept in Canada. Invoicing and receivables are in the name of the publisher. Trade discounts and freight policies are publisher-driven. We process returns, handle customer service and collections. It's like having your own warehouse in Canada, but we do all the work!

Freight Consolidation/ Forwarding
Inventory is kept in your warehouse and is consolidated for weekly (or more frequent) shipments to Canada. Invoicing and collections are done by the publisher. After clearing the goods, Fraser Direct breaks down the incoming skids to individual orders and arranges for shipping across Canada using the most economical and effective freight methods. We send electronic confirmation with shipping details to our publishers and handle returns.

Jaguar Book Group ™
Publishers of any size can enjoy the instantly recognizable and trade marked umbrella of Jaguar Book Group. Inventory owned by the publisher is kept in Canada. Goods are invoiced and collected under the Jaguar Book Group name (Jaguar is a trade-mark of Fraser Direct). Trade policies, such as free freight and discount structure, are common to all publishers under the Jaguar umbrella. Several publishers shipping on one invoice results in significant freight savings. Creating vendor relationships with your bookstore clients is instantaneous. Individual GST/HST registration is not required, since all transactions are done in Jaguar Book Group name.

In all cases, Fraser Direct consults with publishers and guides them through the startup process. We manage inventory control, provide EDI expertise and provide excellent on-line information. We ship quickly and accurately to keep your customers happy. We make it look easy. We deliver Canada!